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Living in the Pacific Northwest has provided a wonderful opportunity for me to explore and photograph the best that mother nature has to offer.
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Sahalie Falls
Sahalie Falls

-This magnificent 140 ft. falls is one in a series of three falls created by lava fields that dammed the McKenzie River almost 3,000 years ago.
The word Sahalie is Chinook for celestial or sky.

Pacific Coast
Pacific Coastline

- The shores of Oregon's Pacific coastline are among the most dramatic in the United States.
This rugged coast is geologically young and has not yet been smoothed by erosion.

Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington

-An active sheild volcano, Mt. Washington rises 2,376 meters above 75 square miles of lava-strewn plains. This is a geological wonderland which includes Belknap Crater, a 6,872-foot cinder cone.
The Mt. Washington Wilderness is primarily used by hikers, climbers and hunters. There are 28 lakes hidden throughout this rugged terrain.

Autumnal Fungus

- More information will be forthcoming as I need to properly identify this beautiful mushroom.

McKenzie River
McKenzie Cascade

- Originating from its headwaters at Clear Lake high in the Oregon cascades, the McKenzie is a swift, spirited river.
Along its' journey the river carves beautiful formations through ancient layers of volcanic rock.

Forest Trillium
Forest Trillium

- This genus is a very interesting one. Under great simplicity and conformity of habit.
3 leaves at the summit of a stem, supporting one solitary terminal flower which legend tells us blooms only once every 7 years.

Canyon Wall
Clackamas Canyon Wall

-The Clackamas river rocks and rolls through this magnificent canyon where some of the largest rapids in the Oregon Cascades can be found.

Linton Lake Mist
Linton Lake Mist

- Linton Lake and Linton Falls are hidden deep in the Three Sisters Wilderness.
The trail to the lake winds through heavily forested areas filled with large old growth timber and ancient lava flows.

Ebb Tide
Ebb Tide

- As the tide lowers the water surface of the Pacific ocean, it moves the shoreline farther seaward.

Scotch Broom
Scotch Broom

- Originally introduced as an ornamental, Scotch broom was widely planted in Oregon as a soil stabilizer.
Scotch broom invades pastures, hillsides,road and utility rights-of-way. It has become a serious pest in replanted old growth logging areas.

Rouge Gorge
Rogue River Gorge

- Several parts of the Rogue river are now protected by the scenic and wild rivers act. The gorge is surrounded by Douglas fir, madrone, ponderosa and sugar pine forests.
Located about 12 miles west of Crater Lake National Park, the sublime Rogue-Umpqua Wilderness provides many incredibly phenomenal hiking opportunities.

National Creek Falls
National Creek Falls

- Cutting through the scenic Hammaker Butte just north of the Crater Lake turnoff on Hwy. 230, this spectacular waterfall can be accessed by taking a short but steep trail.

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